How to Ensure Security with Mining Safety Solutions

How to Ensure Security with Mining Safety Solutions

Published on: 21-05-2014 | by Misty in Mining Safety Solutions, Mining Safety App, Mining Safety Software, Paperless, Mobile Workforce, Electronic Forms, Digital Forms, Mobile Forms, Smart Forms

The mining industry has one of the most hazardous environments in terms of field work and inspection. Conducting an inspection inside a mining area poses a greater risk to your workforce if inspection procedures and equipment are unsafe. The new technology provides Mining Safety Solutions that helps you go paperless.

Implement Safer Procedure with the Mining Safety App

In the mining business, many of the tasks being performed are logged in report forms. Engineers and Inspectors carry these forms with them to take note of every observation and analysis they have during their work shifts. These forms also have to be delivered back to the office for processing and later on for filing. This old-fashioned procedure of using paper forms is time-consuming, and the process of transporting it from one place to the other, poses a number of risks to your mobile workforce.

Mining Safety App improves the safety in the working environment by eliminating all paper forms. The idea is simple – convert all your forms into electronic forms, which can be viewed and updated on mobile phones or tablets whether online or offline – simple, safe, and easy to use.

Paperless inspection procedure reduces life-threatening risk to your mobile workforce, using the power of the internet. All digital forms can be submitted and shared immediately at the click of a button, which also allows engineers or inspectors to focus more on their tasks and manage their mobile group.

Improving the Process also Improves Efficiency

A paperless business procedure can give you so much more than what you think. The Mining Safety Solutions can save you time from transporting and delivering paper forms by storing all electronic forms on a web-based management portal. With this great app, all mobile forms are available offline and are shared online.

Common tools and equipment needed in a mining safety inspection are also integrated to the
mobile forms. Tools like Camera, Voice Recorder and Calculator, are all embedded in the smart forms to ensure the accuracy of data and increased mobility of your workforce. Mining Safety Software also offers flexibility to all users – it works on Android, I-Phone, and Windows 8 devices.

Switch to Paperless Forms and Get More

Safety is always a priority on the field, and Mining Safety App is a great tool for optimizing the efforts of your mobile workforce. It also improves the accuracy of the data taken from the field. Your office employees no longer have to spend long periods of time organizing, retrieving, and storing paperwork; by using the app, all can be done easier on their mobile phones or tablet.

The use of electronic forms makes every paper form and all the hard work that comes with it obsolete. It guarantees a safer, reliable, and faster work procedure for your business. Switch now and discover more by going paperless.

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