Formitize Launches Mining Safety App to Enhance Business Workflow

Formitize Launches Mining Safety App to Enhance Business Workflow

Published on: 23-07-2014 | by Misty in Mining Safety App, Mining Safety Solutions, Mining Safety Software, Paperless, Mobile Forms, Mobile Workforce, Digital Forms, Paperless Forms, Enterprise Mobility

SYDNEY Australia, July 2014 – The wizards of Formitize – a revolutionary paperless tool changing businesses worldwide – launches Mining Safety App with powerful features simplified. Mining Safety Solutions allows users to track mobile forms using the safe and secure cloud-based Management Portal, with integrated workflows in one amazing paperless app.

Real-time reporting in the Mining Safety Solutions can be customized to oversee performance, progress, outcome, and location of field employees. The Mining Safety Software can be synced with other paperless software solutions such as MYOB.

How Mining Safety App Works

Mining Safety companies simply upload or send the old paper form, and let Formitize wizards customize a paperless solution to suit their needs. Then the mobile workforce download Mining Safety App for free onto their smartphones or tablets from any location around the globe. To access the Mining Safety Software, simply open it and type in the assigned user name and password. Access to various mobile forms for different field agents can be configured and controlled by a supervisor.

The paperless forms are auto-filled as the content from the old forms and the new mobile forms are similar. The automation, drop-downs, multiple choice options, and other tools are awesome help to finish the digital forms faster and more accurately. Great tools are wholly incorporated into the mobile forms, such as the camera icon, which is shown when a photo is needed or the microphone icon, which opens automatically and is on standby when a Voice Recording is anticipated.

Add a signature to complete the mobile forms through the Mining Safety Software. As a safety measure, if the paperless forms are modified after they have been signed, the added signature fades and a new signature needs to be added again. Clicking the ‘Submit’ button will download the information into the database immediately. If there is no Internet connection, the details are saved and will be downloaded as soon as a connection is obtained.

The Powerful Features of Mining Safety App Simplified:

1. Real-time Monitoring - Administer, oversee, and report key business aspects in actual time from anywhere around the globe through a secure, web-based management portal.
2. Customized Portal - Use customized web-based management portal for enterprise mobility requirements. A unique username and password easily lets field agents access secured database in the cloud. Allocate distinct usernames and passwords to the mobile workforce to avoid losing company information by hackers.
3. Powerful Mobile App - Collect, save, and update company information anytime, anywhere using any Apple, Android, or Windows Phone 8 mobile device.
4. Environmentally Friendly - Save paper, ink and toner. The trees are grateful!

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Formitize solutions are driving business automation and operational efficiencies across more than eighty industries worldwide. Mining Safety App enables users to access mobile forms using any Apple, Android, and Microsoft Windows smartphones and tablets.”

Find out how Mining Safety App can make everything easier through powerful features simplified. Take our tour today!

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